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The Investment You Never Thought Of

Most knowledgeable investors are aware of the fact that “collectibles” have always been a good hedge against inflation and have proven to be a sound investment with regard to capital gain. When they think of collectibles the usual antiques, stamps, coins, art, etc., readily come to mind. However, very few think of “militaria”.

What is militaria? It’s not even in my Webster’s, so I’ll define it myself. Basically it is any type of military or para-military collectible. This can range from weapons, uniforms, medals, badges, insignia, field gear, etc. If it’s of military origin and people collect it, it’s militaria.

There is someone out there who collects anything you can think of. If you looked hard enough, I’m sure you would find someone who collects, and wants to buy, combat boots of the Argentine army. I don’t think they would be a very good investment however…

The most popular areas, or countries, for collectors are the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Germany. While collectors can be found who are interested in all countries and time periods, perhaps the most popular period is World War II. Because this article is about investing, I’ll concentrate on the area which has proven to be the best investment over the long run. Fortunately, this is the area I have collected for over 35 years…Third Reich Germany.

Even before the shooting had stopped in Europe, GI’s were “liberating” souvenirs from German prisoners, and off the battle fields. Before long a brisk trade developed between the soldiers as they swapped items back and forth, not really knowing what they had or what they were doing, and basing their trades on an item’s purely personal appeal. For quite a few years after the war these souvenirs were sought by a few “hardcore” collectors. They appreciated the historical significance and the artistic qualities of the relics. Yes, a “Nazi” officer’s full dress uniform can be a magnificent looking thing!

It was in the 1960’s that the hobby really “took off”. What contributed most to its gaining popularity was that it was during this time that reference material started becoming available. Before then there was very little information available to the collectors. Reference books meant that a piece could be identified as to exactly what it was. The “old German jacket” was now a Panzer captain’s parade tunic” and the “swastika pin” was now an N.S.D.A.P. membership pin in gold.

Now that collectors had some idea what they really had, they were able to start putting realistic values on their items. No longer would someone trade an Iron Cross 2nd Class (millions made) for a rare Army general’s dress dagger. The hobby was becoming organized.

By the 1960s there were quite a few “dealers” who bought and sold German militaria either on a part time or, in some cases, a full time basis. Interest was increasing as more and more people (mostly men) realized what a fascinating hobby it was. As interest grew, demand grew, and as demand grew, prices grew. There was a steady rise in prices for the next 30 years.

A complete history of the hobby is beyond the scope of this article, so I’ll skip forward. It’s now 2007 and the prices demanded for German militaria have exploded! I would estimate that in the last 5 years most German militaria has increased in value 500%, and in some cases even more. Still the collectors can’t seen to get enough and the prices keep going higher and higher with no end in sight. Some areas of the hobby have always been more popular than others. Among these are daggers, of which there are more varieties and variations than you can imagine, and the SS. I know; the evil SS! Let’s face it, the bad guys are always more interesting than the good guys. After all, which would you rather own, the outfit worn by Luke Skywalker or the one worn by Darth Vader?

So, what does this mean to you as a potential investor? It could mean big profits in the long run. A rare medal, dagger or uniform bought today for $5000 could be worth $25,000 in a few years. That is, or course, if things keep going the way they are. Unlike the stock market, German militaria “never” goes down in value. I base that on many years in the hobby and personal experience. At worst, the increase will slow down for a time, but prices always keep moving up.

I’m not suggesting that you run right out and buy some “Nazi stuff” at the local flea market. On the contrary, caution is needed in this, as in all investing. There are some pitfalls for the “newbie” in our hobby.

Unfortunately, as the values of the collectibles have risen, so have the number and quality of the fakes or reproduction items. Spending big bucks on one of these as an investment could prove to be disastrous. Be careful! Here are some suggestions for an investor with limited knowledge of our hobby.

1. Buy quality. Don’t buy pieces that are in poor condition. And don’t buy low grade pieces. It would be better to buy one really fine item than a bunch of junk.

2. Make your purchase through a reputable dealer. This will require some homework on your part, but it will pay off in the long run. The internet is full of dealers, some good and some not so good. Check them out before dealing with them. Another place to find dealers is at “militaria shows” and gun shows. There are also several internet auctions. Again, be careful who you deal with.

3. You might want to get an experienced collector to act as an advisor. Make sure it’s someone who does not have a financial interest in your possible purchase.

4. Be prepared to hold your investment for a while. Don’t expect to buy it one day and sell it the next for a profit.

I can’t guarantee you will make a killing by investing in Third Reich militaria… no one can. However, if you buy quality pieces at a fair price and hold them for a time, you should do very nicely!

This article was written to acquaint potential investors and collectors with the hobby of German militaria collecting . The author does no believe in, or support the ideals represented by these collectibles.

Is The Trimline The Best Investment For Your Health?

Is the Trimline 4650 treadmill the best machine for your health? Nowadays, more than ever there are many options when it comes to buying the right treadmill, and unfortunately it can be very easy to get consuded and lost in this process. Here is a review to help you determine if the Trimline 6450 is right for you?

First of all, the Trimline 4650 is one of the better treadmills available in the market for serious fitness people. The treadmill is made by one of the best treadmill manufacturers in USA and is known for durability and gritty performance for years. The treadmill is equipped with heavy duty industry quality motor and is expected to last for a life time.

Here is a quick review of some of the benefits of the Trimline:

The Trimline 4650 comes equipped with two ply running belts with a big running area, so you will have plenty of room during your workouts. People with a heavy built and taller frame will also love to workout on this treadmill.

The Softrak II Deck System deck it utilizes is great for your joints and knees and is a wonderfully crafted suspension technology used in these treadmills. The beauty of Trimline 4650 is the variation in fitness programs.

You have the choice of multiple heart rate programs, customizable programs and preset programs. Theses are all set to make your fitness exercises as varied and enjoyable as possible, no matter what your workout goals.

The stable folding frame of treadmill comes equipped with a 30 year warranty, a great sign because the company has a lot of faith in its’ quality. The motor is also guaranteed for the same period.

For the health conscious, the heart rate monitoring system is ideal for monitoring the progress as they workout. The digital display allows users to see all the parameters while they are working out.

The bottom line: should you buy a Trimline 4650 treadmill to reach your fitness goals? You will have to be the judge of that.

While the Trimline is certainly a great machine and always compares favorably to it’s competition, the truth is that there are many great treadmills on the market today. Do your research and discover which is best for you.

Better yet, check with others you know who already use a treadmill for fitness, and see which machines they prefer. this can really save you a lot of time spent sdutyding and researching, because these friends have already done that step and have found a machine they like and can depend on.. While a Trimline 4650 treadmill is certainly a great machine, it is just one of many.

Gold Coin Investments

For some investors collecting gold coins beats any other form of collecting such as investing in stamps. These investors also prefer gold coins to bars or jewelry because they can be shared and discussed instead of being hidden away like other forms. There are many that consider this the best and most interesting type of inheritance to leave to their loved ones. The reason why gold coin investments are so popular is because, especially when it comes to inheritance, is because each generation can build on the one previous to make a valuable and unique snapshot into your family history. Learn all about gold coin investments now. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

The United States has been minting coins since this country was born; the stamps and other markings that each coin bears tells a story about the country at the time and gives the investor a rare look at everyday life both past and present. Since coins are currency and at one time the only currency this country had the quality of the designs and production says a great deal about economic and industrial evolution of American society and the country’s material worth.

Unfortunately, the popularity of purchasing gold coins over the internet has not diminished the need to ensure that your coins are of optimal values. Although the internet is very attractive it can be very difficult to actually purchase genuine coins from a perfect stranger. The convenience is especially attractive when you may not be able to reach distant locations in enough time to purchase extremely rare pieces that have suddenly come on the market.

Things to Look for When Buying U.S. Gold Coins as a Gold Coin Investment

Some of the most valuable coins to collectors are those that were produced before the eighteenth century as long as their condition is good enough to still be recognizable. The national symbol of the United States, the eagle, has been on most U.S. gold coins since the process began in this country, and the different designs of this symbol are something that collectors value and tend to be very interested in as a rule.

One of the best things any investor can do for themselves and to ensure the resale value of their collections is to use an independent certification firm. The reason for this is because it takes years of practice and experience to value U.S. gold coins. It is important to remember that many factors are considered when it comes to valuing this type of coin. There are some designs that are rarer than others which makes the ability to recognize and value these coins more difficult and something to be left up to the experts. The storage conditions of coins is also vital to their value, because those that have been seriously defaced, damaged, or that are in generally poor condition lose a great deal of their value. For this reason it is vital never to make serious investment decisions without verified authentication of condition and value of any coin. This process also provides a firm foundation for negotiations on prices both when you purchase your coins and when you resale them.

It is also important to remember that there is a trade-off when it comes to quick resale value and general collection considerations when you are deciding to purchase gold coins. Some coins from eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries that are extremely popular, and are considered solid buys from an investment standpoint. There will never be a time when you will not find a buyer for the most popular types of gold coins, however it is also important to remember that some investors focus more on the rarity of certain acquisitions and are forced to pay a premium price, even though they may not see a return on their investment when it is time to liquidate.

Should You Invest In Generic Or Name-Brand 10 Oz Silver Bars?

You’ve decided to invest in 10 oz silver bars – good for you! These silver bars are a great investment for several reasons:

They can be easily stored in a safety deposit box a safe at home because of their lovely flat, uniform size.

They are still very affordable, even with silver trading around $30 an oz these days.

Best of all, they are super handy for emergency bartering purposes.

When shopping for silver bars, you’ll have the choice of buying either a name brand such as Engelhard or unknown generic brand. Which one should you choose?

As I mentioned previously, a name-brand silver bullion bar is one that is produced by well-known, established companies such as Johnson-Matthey or Engelhard. These are the top-tier manufacturers followed by 2nd tier producers such as Silvertowne, Sunshine Minting, and the Wall Street Mint.

On the other hand, a generic bar is one that is produced by a company that is not very well-known or no longer in business.

Certainly, there are advantages to buying both. Let’s take a look, first, at the reasons why someone might choose to invest in name-brand silver bullion bars.

Although you can expect to pay more for a bar from one of the top-tier producers, typically they will command a higher selling premium than the lesser or unknown brands. In simple terms, when you approach your local coin dealer to sell an Engelhard Silver Bar, you can expect to be offered more money then had you been selling a generic variety.

So if you are investing in these 10 oz silver bars for profit and wealth-building reasons, I would suggest you stick with one of the name brands.

Now let’s take a look at why someone might choose to invest in a generic silver bullion bar.

The biggest advantage these bars have over their name-brand counterparts is price. Typically, you can buy these bars starting around $.69 over spot, at the current time, compared with up to $2.00 over spot for a Johnson-Matthey silver bar.

If you’re simply investing in silver in order to preserve the purchasing power of your money or for emergency bartering purposes, go with a generic bar.

Just remember no matter what 10 oz silver bar you choose, silver has been looked at as a store of value and form of money for over 4000 years. Compare that with the history of paper money!

Where to Invest $150 Dollars For a Quick Return

Investing is the quickest way to see a return in your money. Some people get discouraged though when feel that they can’t invest with a small amount of money. But with as little as $150 you will be able to invest your money for a quick return with a regular bank account.

But the question is where to invest $150 dollars.

There are numerous banks such as ING or Bank of America that offer a financial return when you invest in their company as a customer. ING offers various promotional investments such an instant $25 with a referral. They also offer an instant 10% interest after you deposit $150. This is no risk to you and provides a quick return where your money can grow. Bank of America also has promotional investment opportunities. If you open an account with $150 you can see a 50-day bonus. For example, if you deposit $50 you will see an additional $50 within 50 days. This investment promotion can be activated every 60 days.

Another way to see a quick return on $150 dollars is with virtual banking and online services such as share builder. This form of investment also has a referral system where you can receive $20 dollars towards your new account. As soon as your account is open you can refer friends to virtual banking where you both receive 20. You can receive 20 for up 50 people.

You can also invest $150 dollars in a CD or a Certificate of Deposit at a bank for a quick return. You generally choose the length of the investment where they bank uses your money towards an investment mutual funds. The longer you have a CD the greater the financial growth but you can still see a significant return in as little as 2 months.

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